Straight. wins silver!

Everybody who knows us, knows we have high standards for ourselves. With regards to our work, and also with regards to our role in the world. Corporate Social Responsibility has been important to us since before it became fashionable. Of course we were curious to find out if we were on the right track, that’s why we decided to join the global sustainability network EcoVadis. EcoVadis operates in 150 countries and in 190 fields of work.
We were thoroughly evaluated on 21 CSR criteria concerning environment, labour & human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement. When dealing with EcoVadis, you can’t just make claims, you have to prove everything extensively. Which was quite a challenge for a small company where everybody is constantly busy working.
But we did it, and we won silver!
Silver, what does that mean? It means that with regard to the evaluated criteria we scored in the top 30% of the companies in our field that have joined EcoVadis. This is no small achievement and it makes us feel very proud!
However, this is no reason for us to sit back and relax. We will keep on doing out utmost to deliver good work and to be good to our people, our relations and the planet. We’ll just do a little celebration dance and jump straight back to work.
Do you want to know more about how we achieved this beautiful result? Please ask Jan.

EcoVadis Silver
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