Graphic design / DTP

We mostly use: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate and Dreamweaver.
Our team works with speed, accuracy and expertise. By streamlining our work processes we are able to achieve great speed in setting up, editing and converting large numbers of documents. We have successfully managed projects of around 1000 varied Word & PDF documents (forms, brochures, terms & conditions, etcetera).
We are skilled and experienced in executing all kinds of materials for shopping/retail/point of sale. Posters, bill boards, totems, displays, leaflets, wobblers, business cards, carrier bags, wall stickers – you name it – they have all gone through our hands before going to print.

020 75 11 970
Kuiperbergweg 50 1101 AG Amsterdam
KvK Amsterdam: 24315396 BTW: NL.8095.53.314.B.01